«Each decision we make is a
commitment to our impact on
the company
and our life course.»

Regino Quirós


Regino has more than ten years’ experience in leadership development projects and individual executive development processes. He is an expert in leadership, cultural transformation of organisations, and neuroscience and psychology applied to business.

He previously worked for eleven years in strategic consulting and was a director in a multinational company for another six years.

He trained in psychology and neuroscience applied to business and counselling. He also studied: Neuroscience for Business at the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master in Positive Psychology at La Salle University, coaching at The Leadership Circle, Coactive Training Institute, Barret Values Cultural Transformation Tools and Clifton Strengths – Gallup.

He also holds a degree in Mining Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid).

He practices Kyudo (traditional Japanese archery) closely related to Zen and, for him, a source of inspiration for personal evolution.