The similarities between Regina Estévez and Regino Quirós go much further than their names.

  • Both have learned, thanks to their experience in large multinationals, that outstanding results can only be achieved by fostering people’s development.
  • Both are convinced that the future is shaped by the decisions we make every day, and both know that these decisions need to be aligned around a shared vision and a shared goal for people and organisations to perform to the best of their ability.
  • Both firmly believe that well-being is the most important factor for ensuring good productivity. And when we talk about well-being, we are not talking about being less demanding, but rather about ensuring the right mix of challenge, purpose, personal relationships, positive emotions and the space necessary for developing each individual’s unique strengths.
  • Both also feel that a leader’s responsibility is to create a context in which everyone in the organisation can become the best version of themselves. Businesses only develop by developing the people that enable them to exist.
  • Regina and Regino both have intensely inquiring minds. This has prompted them to engage in continuous training in a wide range of different fields, including neuroscience applied to business, emotional management, positive psychology, the development and application of strengths at work and a plethora of company culture diagnosis and transformation instruments.

Wave 8 was founded in 2018 as a result of all these similarities and is designed to be a vehicle for channelling their shared passion, creating contexts in which leaders can think, explore their options and make decisions to shape the future they want to see.

At Wave 8 we believe in the power of collaboration. We have a group of collaborators who share our beliefs, values and vision of leadership and who contribute their past experience as executives and managers, as well as their current experience as coaches, facilitators and trainers.

We want to continue to grow. If who we are resonates with you, come talk to us.