Waves with Impact

At Wave8 we help people to develop the road to their purpose, creating an expanding wave that flows from their personal evolution to a positive impact on society.

“Even though nothing changes, if I change, everything changes.”
Marcel Proust

<WeI >  Way:  Path. The route of the purpose, which provides meaning and value.

<WeIv>  Wave:  Movement created by an impact. The purpose converts itself into a cause and becomes reality.

<eIt>  Eight:  The number of energy and power. The sum of the waves. The infinity symbol.

What we do

Obtaining our best version always is due to an internal change and the awareness of our impact on the people around us.

Through programs, workshops and online sessions, always with experiential methodologies, we help people and companies to evolve and turn their purposes into realities that improve their environment and society.

  •  Change from within
  •  Through experience
  •  Be the hero
  •  Service to your cause

“For every accomplishment that is realized on Earth, there is another primary and more important accomplishment that has happened in the labyrinth inside us.”

Joseph Campbell

How we do it

We work both with companies that wish to develop better leaders as well as people seeking to find and offer their maximum potential to their environment and society.



Open Programs

  •  Personal development of leadership, focus and the ability to influence
  •  Self-awareness, purpose, vision, and action


On-line programs

  •  Oriented towards depth and continuity




Leadership itineraries

  •  Itineraries of leadership development
  •  Personal Leadership, Team Leadership, Organizational Leadership
  •  Blended learning: face-to-face and on-line


Transformation projects

  •  Alignment of corporate culture with the vision and strategy



Wave8 came into being in April 2018, based on experience in leadership development and transformation of the corporate culture of its members. These are the first customers at this new stage: