Regino Quirós

I enjoy every leadership program that I teach. They are always a challenge, surprise me and leave me with the satisfaction of contributing to something important. I have dedicated eight years to that purpose; It is the mission of my life.

Before discovering this, I worked for 11 years at Accenture and five at Telefónica. In this new stage, I have worked with many companies in Europe and Latin America. I have learned from all of them and I have strengthened myself with the idea that when each of us assumes our own leadership, we create the impacts that change the world.

I travel as much as I can in order to speak with different people and to take photos. I walk the path of meditation and I love to learn about ancient cultures. And although I read a lot, I still keep buying more books than I have time to read.

Angela Orbaneja

I am a knowmad by vocation, I vibrate when I learn and what provokes my curiosity the most is people, my great teachers, the most important thing in my life.

I have a rare skill that consists in seeing people at their full potential and giving them the confidence to awaken their best version.

As the Executive and Team Coach, I give myself body and soul to educate and train others in personal and relational skills impacting leadership, inclusion of diversity and communication.

During the 21 years of my professional experience in managerial positions at Coca-Cola, I experienced the importance of the development of these skills called “soft” skills in a world in constant change.

I love my family, and I love traveling, reading and enjoying nature in good company.

Regina Estevez

Since childhood I have had a great inclination to learn, understand, and discover.

My professional career path for the last 15 years in Everis has permitted me to develop this passion and enjoy learning, leading very difference projects and teams.

At some point I realized that I was learning about many subjects, but not the most important thing: my own self. I discovered in coaching a way to understand life that has allowed me to know myself better, and to grow both personally and professionally, making it possible for me to share that learning with others.

Julien Gilabert

Co-active coach, facilitator in personal development programs in Spanish and French, I have been combining these activities with my director job at Everis for several years. I now dedicate myself completely to personal development and leadership, taking advantage of the experience of having grown with a large multinational. Living the programs that we give is a great joy and fills me with energy. I am seeking to impact and develop the inner potential of each participant.

I am a father of 3. I love nature and family outings. I am perpetually learning, while I watch them grow.

I fervently believe that we are in an era of global spiritual change. I am seeking and want to participate in this evolution.