Some coments from those who have lived the program:

Improve any expectations or preconceived ideas you may have. A great exercise of self-knowledge and thoughts.

Felipe Sainz (March 2019)

Surprising in all aspects, very useful and a true “must” that every leader should go through.

Carlos Valero Lara (March 2019)

The program is spectacular. All care to the smallest detail. The team very committed. They generate an incredible atmosphere.

David López-Cano (March 2019)

Arriving at the beginning of the program and being able to change the perspective of things in such a short time and with such a controlled progression, is really spectacular as well as exciting.

Víctor Palencia López (October 2018)

Incredible how you deepen in yourself and get to see things that you have never stopped to think. It helps you a lot to identify improvement actions that help us lead and do better your work and the work of all our teams.

Sofia Cabarcos (October 2018)


What you can expect from the program:

  •  In-depth understanding of the demands and implications of your position in the company.
  •  Identification of the personal change necessary for success and motivation and the commitment to address it.
  •  Though concerning the coherence of the lifestyle with personal and professional needs and ambitions.
  •   Protagonism and responsibility concerning situations and relationships.
  •  Alignment of personal purpose and vision with the organization.
  •  Personal action plan.

Where and with whom we have done this:

  •  Multinational consulting presence in 13 countries: Promoted to executive positions.
  •  IT multinational of more than 80,000 employees: Global leadership program for “senior leaders" selected for positions of maximum responsibility.
  •  Consultant with an international presence: Development of leadership in its Corporate University.