Open personal leadership programs

The Hero’s Path

The open personal leadership programs travel through the various stages of “The Hero’s Path”:

  • More in-depth understanding of the reality that surrounds us, broadening our perspectives.
  • Increasing the depth of knowledge of our character, values, beliefs and behavior patterns… and also of what can stop us.
  • Developing our sense of purpose and cause by increasing our ability to focus on what really is important to us.
  • Design of our personal vision. To become who we really are in order to live how we really want to live.
  • Putting it into action from a new motivation, strength and perspective in order to convert our purpose and vision into reality.
How we do it

  • In small groups, with people with the same kind of concerns and varied experiences that will enrich your perspective.
  • Through experience and conversation. After the introduction of each concept, reflection guided by contrasted dynamics and conversation between the participants and coaches of the program leading to discovery.
  • Assisted and accompanied on this journey by facilitators and coaches with years of experience in the development of leadership and personal development.
  • In different formats and locations.


The Hero’s Path has been a revelation that has allowed me to situate myself in my reality and has helped me to see where I want to go and why / for what.

Alexandra Sancho (February 2019)

It is a program that really teaches you how to build the way and how to walk along it. It opens your eyes, gives you the guidelines, and gives you time to reflect and share with the group and that is the most enriching. When finished, you know how to overcome the obstacles on the way and continue to the next challenge. It has really been a pleasure. Thank you.

Susana Morales (February 2019)

The Hero’s Path is a program that gives you something of great value in our lives, stop, reconnect with ourselves and from there decide how we want to focus our steps.

Alba Cortés (February 2019)


Revealing and exciting.

Miguel Lobelo (february 2019)

A path for your life, your values ​​and your purposes. A way to organize your life and focus it in a clear sense.

Joaquín Mira (May 2019)

Upcoming programs 2020

The Hero’s Path

June 5th, 6th and 7th, 2020 (Pending)

Madrid (Spain)

The Hero’s Path

Octuber 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2020

Madrid (Spain)

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