The Hero's Path - Third Edition

The third edition of The Hero’s Path was celebrated last October.

In Madrid in “La Ñ de Armiñan” space, 9 walkers explored the methodology designed to “stop, think and act” on what is happening now, at this time and on what is coming. Moments of reflection, of sightings about each one were mixed with moments of sharing and getting new points of view to focus on the next chapter of their lives: where each one wants to go.

9 captivating protagonists who have left this program with the awareness of their strengths to design their best future. For the Wave8 team, a new enhancing experience of learning and enjoyment!

The Hero's Path - Second Edition

New heroes lived the experience of “The Hero’s Path” program. On May 24, 25 and 26, the second edition of our personal leadership program was held. Three magical days!

In the Petit Palace of Santa Barbara, in the centre of Madrid, an intimate, special space with an exuberant nature was created, very unusual for what you could expect from a space in the centre of Madrid.

Our empty covered terrace of the first day, quickly became a home where people was able to think, share with others and have fun. The next day around an impressive meal, we were already a community in which each member supported each other in their discoveries. This feeling was reinforced in the last hours of the program, taking advantage of all the spaces, until culminating sharing the first steps of the conscious Paths of our Heroes.


Thank you Heroes for sharing part of your Path with us!

self-leadership programs in everis – March 2019

During the month of March 2019, 2 self-leadership programs have been carried out in everis, one in the province of Gerona (Sant Hilari) in the middle of nature and the other in Madrid in the new offices of the everis University (Paseo de la Castellana, 77). Two unique and magnificent places!

36 editions of the “Leading Self” (name of the program in everis), more than 1000 executives have gone through it. A strong commitment from everis for self-knowledge and personal leadership. Wave8 is grateful for being part of this bet. For us, each program is different, full of learning and great moments. Seeing the illusion of the participants at the end of the program (3 days long) is a gift and something that gives sense to Wave8 and its team (us!). You can see some of the comments about the program in this link.

Thank you everis University for the trust in Wave8!

The Hero's Path - First Edition

The weekend of February 22 to 24 was a special moment for Wave8. That weekend, the first edition of our program “The Hero’s Path” was held, an illusion of all Wave8 team that came true. Throughout the 3 days the participants were immersed in the program: thinking, sharing, advancing on the Path that we travelled along with them.

It has been a great pleasure to share this experience with each of them. Thank you all for your presence! Also the place and the catering that gave us “La Ñ de Armiñan” was the most propitious to achieve the success of this first edition.

You can see some reviews of the participants here.

Wave8 presentation

Last January 17th in the Masseda space (thanks Victoria and Leticia! @Massedacatering) in Madrid the 4 Wave8 partners presented the company, its meaning, what we do in it and what we hope to generate as an impact on society. We share the services that Wave8 offers to companies and, with great enthusiasm, the new program “The Hero’s Way”: an open program of personal leadership in which it is stated that “we all have the challenge of leading our lives towards what we really want, both in the personal and professional field”.

Thank you @javier_arroyo and @pepamalagafotografia for the photos!